About Me

My name is Marilyn and my background acting in supportive roles is fully established. I have been employed in both the private and public sectors for around 20 years in the UK. Midway through this period, I have a BA degree in Business Management, this included my speciality, Marketing. I've now enjoyed over 10 years working self-employed.

As you may have realised effective marketing plays a large part in the success of your business; getting it wrong is expensive and delays your desired results: Embracing digital marketing is an important part in growing your business. I also make use of partners with expertise in specialised areas when required with whom I have a close liaison. 

"Whether your marketing is online or offline, successful marketing is critical for the success for any size business no matter how small your budget is.”

Having worked in the service industry, and as a small trade service-user, I observed many examples of home-based business activities, offline and online. I recall times when the tiniest omission altered my buying behaviour; it makes a real difference between a prospect customer contacting one business above another, especially if you're in a competitive market.

Why My Prices Are Low?

Being a freelancer means I can work anywhere so I spend part of my year wherever the weather is kinder (and the cost of living happens to be much cheaper) than the UK. On average this makes my overheads much smaller, hence I manage to keep my prices lower the most Marketeers as I pass these savings onto you so it's a win-win!

Oxford, UK

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